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Code of Federal Regulations - GPO Official Site
Federal/National - Laws and Regulations
Rules/Regulations, Directories/Indexes, All Listings
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This site contains the official U.S. government Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as published by GPO. Most environmental Titles are included at this site, although portions of certain titles are still under development. For those portions under development, see other records within EnviroSources. For example, although parts 1-199 of Title 33 are under development at this site, the most pertinent environmental portion of Title 33 is available through the record titled "USACE Navigation and Navigable Waters Regulations"; and all of Title 33 is available through the record titled "U.S. House of Representatives Historical Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)" (both are located in this EnviroSources category).

          There are essentially three ways to use this site:

          1. When you click on the Internet field link in this record you are taken to "Search your choice of CFR titles and/or volumes". Keyword searching and some measure of browse ability is provided by clicking on the revision date link for the appropriate Title in the table. If you are interested in 40 CFR click on the appropriate revision date for Title 40. Once Title 40 is selected then specific Parts can be keyword searched. To obtain a listing of all Sections for a particular Part, select the box for the desired Part, submit the query with the "Search Terms" box empty, and select the "Here's the Catalog for database" option from among the search results. This may be a large file and could require several minutes to come up.

          2. If you know the exact citation (e.g. 40 CFR Part 265.172) go to the "Retrieve CFR sections by citation" link near the top of the page. You must have the Section number (in this example 172). See number 1 above for a simple procedure to find all Section numbers.

          3. If you wish to conduct a keyword search go to the "Search the entire set of CFR databases by keyword" link near the top of the page. This option allows searching by subject terms such as "hazardous waste", although this is not recommended unless very unique keywords are chosen and/or boolean operators are used properly (it's almost always better to get a regulatory citation from an agency contact, hotline, or other source). This option also allows searching by regulatory citation (e.g. 40 CFR Part 265.172) like shown in number 2 above. The citation can be truncated if the Section is unknown. For example, you can search for 40 CFR Part 265 by typing in "40CFR265" - however, if there are a lot of Sections in Part 265 you may reach the maximum return of hits before you reach the end of the listing for Part 265. Truncating to 40 CFR has little practical use.

          Since the CFR is updated only once a year in hardcopy format and online at this site, the Federal Register (FR) should be used to stay current (the online FR is updated daily - providing the most up-to-date system available). As an example, when working on 40 CFR Part 265 and using the CFR as a regulations source, there should be a check of the FR to see if any new changes have been published in the FR since 40 CFR Part 265 was last posted online. Please see the record titled "GPO Official Federal Register" in this EnviroSources category.

          Searches at this site are significantly faster during low traffic periods - such as when the West Coast has not started the work day. Alternative GPO CFR sites may provide faster searches and are available through Federal Depository Library Gateways. An example gateway is referenced in this category of EnviroSources - see "Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - University of California Official Site". GPO plans to add more speed to the existing service.

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