Associations/Citizen Groups

This category references membership organizations or special interest groups, including: trade or business associations; professional, scientific, or learned associations/societies; and citizen or public interest groups. Listings are primarily for national based organizations, however, regional organizations that are somewhat "unique" are also included.

Some of the organizations are research oriented, while others are more of the advocacy type (that are often supported by lobbyists). Many of these organizations are non-profit. Organizations sometimes fit 2 or 3 of the definitions below.

Related References

The membership organizations or special interest groups referenced in this category may function much like a clearinghouse, publisher, training provider, or other provider of information. Therefore, when appropriate these groups are also referenced in other EnviroSource categories.

Some organizations referenced in this category provide funding and therefore operate like a foundation, however, those organizations with the sole focus of funding are referenced in the EnviroSource category Foundations.

Many of the organizations referenced in this category offer magazines and newsletters, therefore, also see the EnviroSource category Magazines/Newsletters .


Trade or Business Associations - generally represent a group of companies in a particular industry.

Professional, Scientific, or Learned Associations/Societies - individual professionals banded together to support their field, or individuals who conduct subject specific research.

Citizen or Public Interest Groups - generally a group of individuals that monitor companies and government activities in order to protect human health and the environment.