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National Environmental Directory Database
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The National Environmental Directory Project creates regional environmental directories which together form a comprehensive national environmental directory database. Each regional directory lists and describes nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other organizations concerned with environmental education and action. The regional directories include:
        • Central Atlantic Environmental Directory - Covers New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania - includes over 1064 listings.
        • Great Lakes Environmental Directory - Covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and the province of Ontario - includes over 3170 listings.
        • The Harbinger File - California Environmental Directory - Covers California - includes over 1530 listings
        • Hawaii Environmental Directory - Covers Hawaii - includes over 1064 listings.
        • New England Environmental Directory - Covers Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont - includes over 1150 listings.
        • Pacific Northwest Environmental Directory - Covers Oregon, Washington and parts of British Columbia - includes 1270 listings.
        • Rocky Mountain Environmental Directory - Covers Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming - includes 1964 listings.
        • Southeast Environmental Directory - Covers Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee - includes over 1420 listings.
        • Southern Plains Environmental Directory - Covers Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas - over 970 listings.

          How To Access The Data

          The information can be accessed in two ways:

          1. Go to the Web site listed below. Click on one of the above listed regions. Once a region is selected, there are two ways to find organizations:
        • Search - Enter your search criteria into the search form boxes and click on the "Search!!" button. Organizations can be searched by Name, City, State, Type, Activities, Keywords, and "Find text in any field".
        • Browse - Go to the bottom of the search page. Click on the "BROWSE ORGANIZATION LIST" link for a listing of organizations or click on the "BROWSE LOCATION LIST" link for a listing of organizations by location.

          2. The information can be purchased in electronic or printed format. Go to the ORDER FORM at the Web site for instructions. The regional directories are available in several media including:
        • Soft Cover Book
        • Diskette for Macintosh or DOS in text format
        • Geographical Index Addendum.
        • Mailing Labels, and Special Sorts.

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National Environmental Directory Project
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