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EnviroSource is The First Environmental Community and Search Engine on the Internet Since 1997!

We are a global community of people who care about protecting the environment and our health through environmental controls and natural approaches. Some community members work in the environmental industry. Our website registrants are from 32 countries. EnviroSource is a great starting point for learning about environmental information, products, and services.

Our comprehensive site provides a unique ability to learn about different environmental issues, concepts, requirements, and offerings. We have news, learning centers, topic and category assisted search, the ability to browse by category, and community driven input. Generic search engines are great but do not provide these features and so are not always the best for learning. We also have a great online store.

EnviroSource coverage is broad and includes:

Landscapes, Plastics, Climate Change, Global Warming, Ecosystems, Population Growth, World Hunger, Wildlife, Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy, Biofuels, Energy Efficiency, Fisheries, Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Green Buildings, Deforestation, Rain Forests, Endangered Species, Environmental Planning, Pollution Prevention, Environmental Investigation, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Emergency Response, Hazardous Waste Management, Toxic Substances, Hazardous Materials, Recycling, Health & Safety, Air Emissions, Indoor Air Quality, Surface Water, Groundwater, Soils, Wastewater, Water Supply, Drinking Water, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Health, Ecotourism, Marine Biology, Natural Resources, Conservation, and Green Products.

Environmental information, products, and services are provided to you through:

-News Feeds and Linked News Sites

-Learning Centers – Landscapes (imagery slider), Plastics, Climate Change, Population Growth, Deforestation, EnviroSource Eco Tips, Ecotourism, and Online Tools.

-Listings – Listing are accessed via our search engine and by browsing categories. The listings are added and maintained by EnviroSource community registrants. Listings are free. A listing on EnviroSource allows registrants to have a promotional “landing page” within the community and that connects to their website. EnviroSource is like other social media sites where you can post customized messaging about your information, product, or service. And you can update your listing at any time to adjust to trends or other changes. Customize your “landing page” by category. You do not need to have a website to add a listing.

If you have environmental information, products, or services to share within our community, please take 3 minutes to register and then add your listing. We’ll review the listing and once we publish it to the website you’ll be able to update it as necessary. Even if you don’t have something to share, please register to stay connected.

-ENVIROSOURCE STORE – We have an online store where purchases make a difference for the environment and your health. Discover great environmental products. These are products that help protect the environment and your health through environmental controls and natural approaches. Give-back to the environment in a big way with every purchase. For example, each purchase of a LifeStraw water bottle will provide a child in Africa with safe drinking water for an entire school year.

Please visit our store and support our advertisers. 100% of proceeds go to environmental causes and maintaining the EnviroSource website.

Our Managing Editor and the Founder of EnviroSource.com has over 20 years of environmental experience, is both a licensed professional engineer (PE) and licensed professional geologist (PG), and is masters level educated. If you have any questions please contact him at info@envirosource.com.

Environmental issues, concepts, requirements, and offerings are broad, complex, and constantly changing. So help us make improvements to our global environmental community by sending feedback, such as ideas, tips, and other input. And if you have information, products, or services to share don’t forget to register and add a listing. Also, you can register just to stay connected to our community. Join us and others to help protect the environment.

We want to be “Your best source for everything environmental”.