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Federal Register - University of California Official Site
Federal/National - Laws and Regulations
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This site contains the official U.S. government Federal Register (FR) as published by GPO. Online databases are provided for the 1995, 1996, and 1997 FR (Volumes 60, 61, and 62). FR sections include: Contents and Preliminary Pages; Final Rules and Regulations; Proposed Rules; Notices; Presidential Documents; Sunshine Act Meetings; Reader Aids; and Corrections.

          Since the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is updated only once a year, the FR should be used to stay current (the online FR is updated daily - providing the most up-to-date system available).

          As an example, when working on 40 CFR Part 265 and using the CFR as a regulations source, there should be a check of the FR to see if any new changes have been published in the FR since 40 CFR Part 265 was last posted online. If the look back period is to July 1, 1997 simply select "Federal Register, 1997", and if looking for final regulations select "Rules and Regulations", under "Issue Date" type in 7/1/97 to "current date" (date range since the last CFR update), under "Full-text" type in "40 cfr part 265", and run search (or "40" and "part 265" on the CFR line). The hits will include all revisions to 40 CFR Part 265 since the CFR was last posted online (matching what's published in the List of CFR Sections Affected) - thereby providing up-to-date and comprehensive coverage. Note that FR sections that simply reference 40 CFR Part 265 (versus revising it) are also referenced in the query results. Subject based searches are also available.

          Browsing is provided for the current week.

          This site is an alternative to the GPO direct access to the FR and is provided by the Federal Depository Library Gateways. For direct access see the record in this category titled "Federal Register - GPO Official Site".

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