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Accidental Release Information Program (ARIP) Database
US Environmental Protection Agency-EPA, All Listings
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The ARIP database consists of information collected on accidental releases of hazardous chemicals at fixed facilities. The data collected for each release event includes the circumstances and causes of the incident, and the accidental release prevention practices and technologies in place prior to, and added or changed as a result of, the event. The information focuses on several areas of accident prevention including hazard assessments, training, emergency response, public notification procedures, mitigation techniques, and prevention equipment and controls. The ARIP data are collected by the EPA Regional offices through the ARIP questionnaire. The information is forwarded to the EPA headquarters for inclusion in the ARIP database.

          ARIP involves collecting questionnaire information from facilities that have had significant releases of hazardous substances, developing a national accidental release database, analyzing the collected information, and disseminating the results of the analysis to those involved in chemical accident prevention activities. ARIP also helps to focus industry's attention on the causes of accidental releases and the means to prevent them.

          How To Access The Data

          Users can access this database free of charge by downloading the appropriate files from the Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (CEPPO) web site. Instructions for downloading the database are available under the "about this database" link at the site. It requires about 9 megabytes of hard disk space to store the unzipped ARIP database file. The arip96.dbf file contains the ARIP database. It can be viewed and searched using any database software such as dBase IV, FoxPro, Access, etc. The question.wp file contains a copy of the ARIP questionnaire from which the information in the database was collected.

          The datadicx.wp file contains a copy of the data dictionary which explains the name of the data fields in the database and the codes for some of the responses which are not directly based on the multiple choice answers from the questionnaire.
Spill Prevention/Releases/SPCC

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