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Federal Laws (United States Code) - US House of Representatives Official Site
Federal/National - Laws and Regulations
Laws/Statutes, Directories/Indexes, All Listings
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This site provides all 50 Titles of the United States Code (USC), and allows searching by USC Title, Section or similar subdivision, or by words (note that commercial versions of the USC provide additional information - see USCA or USCS). Popular names for a law can be searched upon to identify the proper law. This is the official government site for the USC.

          Public laws passed by Congress can get split-up into different Sections of the USC. This category of EnviroSources helps to alleviate this issue by listing individual environmental laws (e.g. the Clean Water Act), along with citations that show placement in the USC. Individual listings for specific laws may also increase access speed.

          Information is current as of January 16, 1996 - which means you must check to see if there are any new public laws passed by the current (105th) Congress and the previous (104th) Congress; although updates to the USC from new laws are generally infrequent.

          Search results will indicate whether there has been an update, i.e. if any new laws have been passed in the last two years that affect the Section being reviewed (with this system you need to check either two Congress sessions or one, depending on when the USC was lasted updated and transferred to this site, in any event it is automated). If you receive results from the search they will be listed by public law (e.g. Pub. L. 104-201 sec 334, 110 Stat. 2486, the "104" means from the 104th Congress).

          You can then go to the Thomas site ( and look under "Public Laws By Law Number" - utilizing the citation (s) you were provided from the search (e.g. use Public Law 104-201, Section 334). When you find the correct public law review the "Law Text" for the proper Section (to find the proper Section may require you to click on the closest Section number to the one desired, followed by back or forward scrolling within the document).

          Tables are provided at this site to cross-reference USC Title and Section with Public Law Number and Section.

          Also see the record in this category of EnviroSources titled "Federal Laws (United States Code) - Cornell Law School Site".

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